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Earnest Jackson was born on October 21, 1981 in North Omaha, Nebraska. North Omaha is home to the majority of Omaha's Black community and is the birthplace of Malcolm X. 

Growing-up in Omaha, NE

Earnest was an active teen, he liked playing and watching sports like any other kid. He loved spending time with his family, especially his little cousins.


However, Earnest was not able to fully enjoy the full term of his teenage years.

October 9, 1999

Earnest was arrested in the death of Larry Perry. Two other men were arrested prior to Earnest, but Earnest was arrested merely because he was close friends with the other suspects.


An almost all-white jury unanimously convicted Earnest of first-degree murder based on eyewitness testimony. 

In a subsequent trial, another man confessed to this murder and testified that Earnest was not present. 

Over 20 years later, Earnest is still in prison. 


Earnest Today

Earnest Jackson has fought to create a better life for himself. As he grew into a man, Earnest worked hard and received his college degree while incarcerated. Additionally, Earnest fell in love and married his wife, Tracy Jackson. 


Surprisingly, Earnest is not discouraged. Earnest continues to advocate for his release alongside his family. 

Earnest Update

Earnest recently received a certificate for his completion of Hustle 2.0, which is a mail based correspondence program which explores entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, employment, character development, re-entry and more.

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