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Show Your Support


Sign Our Change.Org  Petition

Help show the Nebraska Board of Pardons that Earnest has supporters demanding for his release.


Letters to the Nebraska Board of Pardons

Earnest has exhausted all of his appeals. Now, it's up to the Board of Pardon to #SendEarnestHome.


Help Earnest by writing to the Board using the link below.

Letters to Earnest

Write to Earnest Jackson via JPay or letter mail.

Earnest Jackson #54252

P.O. Box 22500

Lincoln, Nebraska 68542-2500

JPay is a messaging service that allows supporters to send Earnest electronics messages - like an email.

Click the link below to send Earnest a message via JPay


Make a Donation

Earnest needs national attention and support to demand his commutation and pardon.


Make a donation today!

Wear Your Support

Represent Earnest out in the community by purchasing a shirt and/or stickers with our logo drawn by local Omaha artist, Logan Anderson..

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