A Saturday Night Prayer

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Feature Stories

The Gateway

March 29, 2021

Free Earnest Jackson Concert

A recap of the night locals came together to tell Earnest's story with music, food and comedy.

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KPTM Fox 42

December 9, 2020

Family, community pushes to free man who spent decades behind bars


The Reader

September 21, 2020

The Curious, Winding Case of Earnest Jackson

A jury in Douglas County convicted Earnest Jackson of murder in 1999. Now a movement has started to set him free.


Omaha World-Herald

June 24, 2017, updated October 16, 2019

Nebraska Supreme Court upholds sentence for man convicted at age 17 in 1999 shooting death

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KPTM Fox 42

January 30, 2021

Senator hopes bill would give a new chance at re-trial for a man who says he's innocent


The Gateway

December 7, 2020

#SendEarnestHome: A growing movement hoping to free a wrongly convicted man


Omaha World-Herald

September 13, 2020

'Let's bring him home': Movement to free man convicted of murder at 17 grows


Omaha World-Herald

April 27, 2016

Convicted of murder at 17, man resentenced to at least 13½ more years in prison; his family calls it unfair

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December 16, 2020

Send Earnest Home

Join Unjustly as they explore the social injustices in our criminal justice system. This episode they tell the story of Earnest Jackson, who has been wrongfully convicted for over 20 years.


Midwest Mistfits Podcast

November 25, 2020

Send Earnest Jackson Home: Innocence Podcast

Hear the story of Earnest Jackson. With details from the night of the crime, the trial, the appeals, and the current fight to share his story far & wide.


KPTM Fox 42

September 11, 2020

"Free Earnest Jackson" movement says Omaha man was wrongfully convicted for murder


Actual Innocent Prisoners


Earnest Jackson - Nebraska

A summary of Jackson's case.